What is outsourcing and what is it good for?

Outsourcing is a modern management method based on the idea that the organization does what it is good at, and all other supporting activities are passed on to a contractor.

Project Pro Engineering provides a customized solution for customers, based on their unique project needs. We have extensive knowledge of the various engineering roles and know how to accommodate you with the most suitable professionals using outsourcing.

So why use outsourcing:

Increased efficiency

Choosing an outsourcing company that specializes in the process or services you are interested in will help you get quicker and more efficient service, sometimes at a higher quality. The organization’s response time will be faster. In contrast with an employee who works by the hour, the outsourcing company is committed around the clock!

Flexibility in hiring

Many businesses have seasonal peaks when they need reinforcements for a limited period of time. On the one hand, it is not profitable to hire a full-time employee for that purpose; on the other hand, it is difficult to recruit good workers for a limited period of time. Using outsourcing services solves this problem, and allows localized reinforcement and flexibility in staffing.

Financial savings

Passing work on to external companies saves money and allows the addition of services without adding employees and increasing staffing standards. It allows the company to manage its finances and flows more accurately and to bring in experts at a much lower cost compared to the cost of employing them directly.

Outsourcing allows you to focus on the core activity of your business

When a company grows and expands, its back-office also grows and expands. Companies with a growth trend start to consume the human and financial assets at the expense of the core activities that have made the company successful to begin with. Outsourcing of activities can focus project resources on things that really matter. When you are dealing with your core, your customers receive better service.

Effectiveness and learning

A large project may require skills your teams do not have.
Outsourcing at the project site, where the business places contractors effectively, can provide the people who have the skills you require. In the meantime, your employees can work alongside them to acquire the new set of skills.

Our outsourcing services

Outsourced project management in the construction and infrastructure industry

The project manager, as the title suggests, is responsible for the project and its success. Their role is to “conduct” everyone involved in the project and remove obstacles, in order to open up and promote the work. A project manager is a person with rich experience in managing similar projects, and so brings added value to the project.

The role of the project manager is to connect all the elements and all the different entities and get them to perform in the field. This starts at the planning stage and continues through locating the suitable contractors and negotiating with them, performing quantity calculations, correct pricing, procurement, and close supervision of the quality of work. In addition, as the person responsible for budgeting and schedule, the project manager has to create the correct synchronization between the different activities, lead and steer all aspects of the project, and address any question or dilemma that arises during the project. Project Pro Engineering provides diverse and comprehensive project management services in the construction and infrastructure industry.

Outsourced construction foremen

Wherever construction work is done, it is mandatory to nominate a foreman whose job is to supervise the execution of work directly and closely. The foreman is the main executive authority on the construction site. Their job is to supervise the work closely and ensure compliance with construction standards and safety procedures. They are responsible for managing the work and the subcontractors on the construction site.
A certified foreman must have a license number issued by the Ministry of Economy and have the title of “Construction Foreman and Safety Manager”.

Project Pro Engineering provides an outsourced foremen service in the construction, infrastructure and energy industries. Our foremen have diverse experience, knowledge of the workings of construction sites, and proven experience in civil engineering.

Outsourced safety supervisors

What is more important than safety? What is more important than ensuring that all workers return home safely at the end of the workday? The Safety at Work supervisor is an employee that was authorized and certified by a Chief Inspector of Works to perform this job. According to the law, the role of the safety supervisor is to serve as an advisor to the management, that is, their job is to constantly check what is happening, supervise and oversee equipment, supervise work processes and conditions, and supervise the employees of the organization or factory, including contractors, and make sure that training meets requirements.

Project Pro Engineering has a wide range of professional safety supervisors at the highest level, with varied skills and training suitable for the construction, infrastructure and energy industries. Our outsourced safety services are tailored for the customers according to the highest standards in the safety field.

Outsourced budget control for the construction and infrastructure industry

In every construction project, there are many financial transactions and many budget implications. Lack of control or faulty control will inevitably lead to budget overruns and impact the project’s profitability. The control units in projects regularly analyze and monitor the project’s financial data, and thereby provide managers with helpful tools for making decisions.

Project Pro Engineering offers a variety of budget control services on different levels for construction, infrastructure or energy projects. Our budget control personnel have rich experience in implementing and executing complex and thorough controls. Budget control by external entities is more objective and transparent and therefore healthier for the project.

Outsourced document control

In every construction or infrastructure project, there are huge quantities of documents and paperwork, and it is very easy to lose control.
The document controller is responsible for preparing and managing all project documents on time, accurately and efficiently. Document controllers control the numbering, sorting, filing, storing and retrieval of electronic documents and hard copies produced by all workers in the different departments of the project. Efficient and successful document management saves time and money.

Project Pro Engineering offers a professional document control service by controllers with experience in the construction and infrastructure industry.

Outsourced schedule control for the construction and infrastructure industry

Schedules in a construction and infrastructure project are critical. Any deviation, even the smallest one, can be significant and cause extensive financial damage. Every construction project needs effective and rigorous schedule management. Through schedule management, you control the different stages of the project, monitor progress and conserve resources.

Project Pro Engineering offers a professional schedule management service by professionals with previous experience in the construction industry.

Outsourced procurement services for the construction and infrastructure industry

Procurement is a process that exists in every organization, whether regulated and institutionalized or not. The larger the organization and the higher the cost of items and services purchased, the more regulated the procurement process becomes, and can even grow into a core process.

Project Pro Engineering offers a wide range of procurement and acquisition services on different levels. Our procurers come with experience specific to the construction, infrastructure and energy industries, which gives them a substantial advantage in the field.

Outsourced administrative services for the construction and infrastructure industry

Administration in construction and infrastructure projects is different from administration in other fields. Starting from the unusual physical conditions at the workplace (especially when dealing with a construction site in the field) and ending with a unique terminology that is not simple to master.

Project Pro Engineering offers a wide range of different administrative services such as: secretaries, meeting coordination, clerks, admins, collection, accounting and more…
The service is provided by employees with previous experience in the construction industry, who are familiar with the field, the physical conditions and the professional lingo.