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Belvoir Fortress pumped storage power plant (Kohav Ha’Yarden, north of Israel)

  • Location: Kohav Ha’Yarden, north of Israel
  • Companies: Sino Hydro, Tahal Group

This new pumped storage power plant is being constructed alongside the plant in Gilboa. Its production rate is 340 megawatts. The plant is built by the Chinese ‘Sino Hydro’ company in collaboration with Israeli Tahal Group.

The Belvoir Fortress pump storage power plant is a complex engineering project, that is capital intensive. However, the state provides a guaranteed electric purchasing tariff which indicates high yield on paper due to it being based on availability only (expected to be 94% of the revenue), with low operation costs.

Project Pro provides professional manpower services for this project including general staff, builders, administration personnel, health and safety supervisors and foremen.

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