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Desalination Plant (Ashdod)

  • Location: Ashdod
  • Companies: MINRAV , Sadyt (Spain)

Israel is known in the global market as a desalination powerhouse. Over 50% of the drinking water in the country is purified ocean water.
Manrab and Sadyt (Spain) companies started this project for Mekorot (Israeli water corporation) in 2011. As part of this project, a state of the art desalination plant was construed capable of producing 100,000,000 cubic meters of water per year.

A plant of this scale is extremely unique, with only a handful of others like it worldwide.

Now, the facility is in its trial-run stages preparing for Manrab company to hand it over to Mekorot.

Project Pro provided skilled and diverse manpower for all different phases of this project such as: builders, general staff, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, process engineers, health and safety supervisor, logistics personnel, headquarter and administration personnel, document controllers etc.

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