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Gilboa wind turbine farm (Sirin Range, Kohav Ha’Yarden)

  • Location: Sirin Range, Kohav Ha’Yarden
  • Company: Gamesa

This project is dedicated to constructing wind turbines for electricity manufacturing purposes.

The establishment of the wind farm will be via designated corporations. They will acquire long term electricity manufacturing licenses and will be entitled to sell the full amount of produced electricity to an electric company for 20 years of commercial operations.

The turbines provide renewable energy, blend in well with the northern landscape and have even become a tourist attraction.

This project is the first of its kind among many intended projects, set to provide ways to produce electricity from wind energy. Similar projects are expected to rise in Israel soon. .

The turbines are being provided by Spanish ‘Gamesa’ company. It is the second largest turbine manufacturer in the world. In addition, Gamesa provides turbine maintenance services.

Project Pro delivers manpower solutions for Gamesa offering employees such as general staff, a health and safety supervisor and a head electrician.
Project Pro will be handling the M&O phase of the project for the next three years.

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