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“The Red line” – light rail tunnels in Gush Dan (Tel Aviv)

  • Location: Tel-Aviv
  • Companies: Shikun & Binui, Danya Cebus, China civil

For the next 4-5 years, two parallel underground tunnels will be dug in the TBM method, and 6 underground stations will be constructed to be used in the highly anticipated light train project of Gush Dan (central Israel).For executing this project, eight unique drilling machines, terrain compatible will be utilized. Each machine is 100 meters long and weighs approximately 800 tons!
Construction is expected to be successfully completed in 2021.

Project Pro is providing manpower services for a variety of positions for two consortiums:

  • Shikun & Binui and the Chinese company CRTG which won the tender for digging the western red line tunnels.
  • Danya Cebus and the Chinese company China Civil which won the tender for digging the eastern red line tunnels of the eastern red line.

Among other things, Project Pro provides builders, general staff, professional engineers, certified surveyors, foremen, headquarter personnel, purchasing staff, accounting and administration personnel.

Project Pro has an extensive variety of skilled professionals and Chinese translators that can provide unique services for Chinese companies conducting operations in Israel.

Project Pro
recognized the opportunity this project enfolds and took it to familiarize itself with tunneling and specialty underground projects. This field is gaining popularity in Israel due to the transportation deficit and national security related projects.

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