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Transportation safety officer

Transportation safety officer

By law, every business and factory with a certain number of vehicles belonging to the categories specified in the relevant legislation must employ a transportation safety officer (TSO).

The company’s TSO is responsible for the safety and proper functioning of its vehicles and for the training of its drivers. In essence, the TSO determines the organization’s driving culture. In addition to serving as the company’s consultant on transportation safety, the TSO is its liaison official with relevant external bodies, such as the police and insurance companies. The TSO is also responsible for monitoring the transport of dangerous materials and for supervising the company’s transportation subcontractors.

Safety Pro offers the services of a TSO on an outsourcing basis. Clients can request the overall services of a TSO or specific TSO services such as:

  • Training in the operation of forklifts on the company premises
  • Safety training programs for professional drivers
  • Licensing of forklifts, mobile machines, tractors and heavy equipment
  • Performance of all functions needed to assure the proper functioning of company vehicles
  • Supervision of drivers and enforcement of safety regulations
  • Investigation of accidents and drawing of long-term conclusions
  • Training, education and information programs for all company employees
  • Maintenance of safe traffic arrangements on company grounds
  • Financial consultation in vehicle-related matters
  • Development of the company’s vehicle fleet

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Transportation safety officer
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