Project Pro is happy to provide you with useful information in various key areas that every company must know before coming to Israel. The labor laws in Israel are numerous and complex, and we have compiled the main ones for you. If you have additional questions or need information, please contact us.

Israeli Company Registration

All companies in Israel must register with The Registrar of Companies and the Tax Authorities : Documents, Approvals, Tax, VAT, National insurance and bank account - The process of Israeli Company Registration.

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tax in israel-projectpro
Tax in Israel

Corporate income tax rate, Branch tax rate, Capital gains tax rate, Value added tax rate,Individuals tax rate, Dividends and more. Useful information about taxes in Israel

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Israeli Accounting

Business activities in Israel might involve different aspects of Tax, VAT, Witholding tax (WHT), employees income, derived from activities considered or not considered as a Permanent Establishment, period of projects, registration formats, tax treaties and others.

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Labor rules in israel
Labor laws in israel

What is the minimum wage for employees in israel? what are the Social insurance and health fees, Labor agreements, over time, weekly rest hours, Convalescence, military reserve, public holidays, pension insurance and much more.

All you need to know about labor laws in israel

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